Co-Founder & Executive Director

Abdul Karim Habib

Mr. Abdul Karim Habib possesses over 20 years of invaluable experience in the NGO sector, showcasing expertise in areas such as Human Rights Democracy and Rule of Law, Policy Advocacy and Engagement, Network and Alliance Building, Human Rights Monitoring, Reporting, and Elections Monitoring.
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Circular Road, Freetown, Sierra Leone
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Professional Skills

His skill set extends to integrating Financial Management into program management, Social & Healthcare Accountability, youth development, Governance Participation, Gender, and Sexual Reproductive Health (SRH) Issues, with a focus on a diverse range of programming, project management, and community engagement.

As a co-founder and Executive Director of the Network Movement for Democracy & Human Rights (NMDHR), Mr. Habib is passionately dedicated to envisioning a world where human rights and democratic principles are not only promoted but also firmly protected. Under his servant leadership, NMDHR has received accolades for its outstanding work in driving grassroots community change in Sierra Leone.

Mr. Habib's proven experience in recruiting and effectively managing Human Resources for Emergence work since 2008 stands as a testament to his organizational acumen. As the Western Area Coordinator for NEW, he played a pivotal role in recruiting approximately 12,000 Domestic Election Observers for both Local Government Elections and the General Elections in Sierra Leone.

Additionally, Mr. Habib has been instrumental in strengthening accountability in the primary healthcare sector. His strategic efforts involved engaging more than 600 community stakeholders and 200 healthcare workers, emphasizing health justice, inclusion, and effective service delivery in the healthcare sector. This impactful project received funding from OSIWA (Open Society Initiative for West Africa).

In recognition of his dedication and achievements, OSIWA further supported Mr. Habib's organization in 2018, funding the project "Empowerment and Accountability in the Healthcare Sector." Under this initiative, he collaborated closely with health officials and successfully trained community paralegals on healthcare laws and policies.

Mr. Habib's relentless pursuit of creating positive change and upholding human rights values has made him an inspiring leader in the NGO sector. His unwavering commitment to the promotion and protection of human rights and democratic principles continues to make a tangible difference in the lives of communities in Sierra Leone.