NMDHR Successeses and Archievements

  1. In 2007, NMDHR participated in developing the Code of Conduct for Political Parties 2007 – 2012.  It was funded by UNDP
  2. In 2007, NMDHR conducted Ethical Campaign and Tolerance workshops to all political parties in Sierra Leone in four Provinces. Theprocess would go on to organise post elections forums for engagement between civil society and government up to April 2008. It wasfunded by  (WFD)
  3. In April 2007, NMDHR pilot tested a project on Legal representation on female prisoners. It was funded by Canadian Fund forDemocracy and Human Rights
  4. In 2007,NMDHR participated in Presidential and Parliamentary Electoral Processes observationorganised by NEW.  It was funded byDFID and VSO.  The process was free and fair.
  5. In 2007, NMDHR received a VSO Volunteer and a Strategic plan preparation and documentation process, funded by VSO
  6. in 2006, NMDHR accessed  3 computers from Computer Aid International, with support from DFID and British High Commission
  7. In 2006 NMDHR participated in reviewing the Ant Corruption Strategic Document.  It was funded by Government of Sierra Leone
  8. In 2006 – 2007, NMDHR succeeded in bringing political parties together in various regions on the theme: Promoting politicaltolerance and gender participation in governance.  The project was  supported by ENCISS
  9. In April 2005, NMDHR researched and produced a report document in context of Sierra Leonean on human trafficking,  There after, inJuly 2005, NMDHR was able to do assessment survey on human trafficking of which was found to be true and the information wasdisseminated to the public and government for precautionary measures.The project was supported by – HURIDEC (EU funded project)
  10. In 2005 – 2006, NMDHR participated in the National Child  Protection Campaign in collaboration with Search for Common Ground(SFCG), supported by UNICEF
  11. In 2005, NMDHR participated in a Forum for African Commission on Human and Peoples Rights in Banjul the Gambia.  It wassupported by Care International Sierra Leone.
  12. In 2004, NMDHR monitored and observed the Local Council Election.  It was funded by UNDP
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