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Mr. Nabieu Kamara

Mr. Nabieu Kamara is the current Programs Director for Network Movement for Democracy and Human Rights (NMDHR). He is a resilient human right activist, and programme lead, with 14 years experience in the Civi Society space, leading lobby, advocacy, campaigns on human rights, social justice, Gender and Women’s rights, and child protection.
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Circular Road, Freetown, Sierra Leone
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He has championed several courses to amplify voices to address challanges of deprived women and girls across rural and urban communitities in Sierra Leone.

Mr. Nabieu has leveraged space for constructive dialogy between youth, elected representatives, including political, and traditional leaders to develop strategic, and sustainable development outcomes at community, district, and national levels. He has initiated, designed, and implemented countless development programs, and project within six administrative districts in Sierra Leone. He has also initiated and mobilized over 500 women and girls including youth from across Sierra Leone to have access to quality and affordable healthcare services across Sierra Leone.

Mr. Nabieu has been instrumental in strengthening accountability in the primary healthcare sector. Giving strategic efforts involved engaging more than 500 community stakeholders including  healthcare workers, and community paralegals  emphasizing health justice, inclusion, and effective service delivery in the healthcare sector. This impactful project received funding from OSIWA (Open Society Initiative for West Africa).

Mr. Nabieu has also worked tirelessly to empower women, and girls by promoting their participation in all areas and sectors including economic, political, social, and cultural, issues affecting the lives of women and girls, and making them viable to make their own decisions by breaking all personal limitations of the society and families.

Mr. Nabieu has played a key role in the enhancement of healthcare justice at community levels, empowering over 20 community paralegals to development actions by empowering community stakeholders, and  paralegals to know use and shape the law through the legal empowerment shared framework. Nabieu has served as a Long Term Observer (LTO) for the National Elections Watch for several years monitoring and observing elections and its related activities for three consecutive electoral cycles in Sierra Leone.